Gryphon, established 1998,  is an independent financial services group. After years of experience and observation, we´ve identified specific niches within the asset management and investment industries where we feel we can maximise the value we add to our clients through our knowledge, understanding and expertise.

Our approach acknowledges that investors have different risk and return profiles. We don´t try to be all things to all people. Rather, our business model focuses our efforts on those areas where we have a sustainable competitive advantage, i.e. alternative investments and passive asset management. As such, we believe we offer investors the essential components of any investment solution, namely a low cost core product and alternative investments with targeted return profiles.

Gryphon Asset Management subscribes to a core-satellite approach to funds management in order to deliver an optimal risk-return profile to investors: The core component comprises no frills, low-cost index tracking with concise and clear mandates, lowest cost execution and no requirement to reassess the choice of asset managers.
Alternative investment strategies make up the satellite component of the approach. These funds are focused on achieving outperformance relative to predetermined absolute returns or relative benchmarks.

Funds could be managed using either one of the two approaches or, ideally, a combination of the two. Gryphon´s approach results in an easily understood fund profile with consistent investment performance, transparency and accountability. Put simply, the result of our fund management methodology is that the benefits are clear to our clients.