Who should invest?

High net-worth investors and companies holding cash balances can invest in money market funds to ensure they earn an interest return to offset inflationary hurdles, however returns are depressed on an after tax basis when considering the tax brackets that apply to these investors.

The Gryphon Dividend Income Fund offers the same solution to these investors but at a much higher after tax yield due to the fact that the returns originates from tax free dividend payments.

Capital invested at low risk (linked to the creditworthiness of the big banks in South Africa) and superior liquidity tied to investment flows makes investing in this fund attractive.

Fund Details:

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Portfolio Manager: Reuben Beelders
Benchmark: 70% of STEFI
Composite Index
Charges (Incl. VAT): Initial 0%
Annual Management Fee 0.91%
Minimum lump sum: R10,000 (Class A)
R10m (Class C)
Minimum debit order: R2,000

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