Who should invest?

The Fund is designed with he premise of maximising long term capital growth, whilst protecting against secular bear markets to ensure most of a portfolio’s returns do not get eroded when global catastrophic events happen. Asset allocation is used as the primary means of generating returns with non-systematic risks being kept to an absolute minimum.

The Portfolio is premised on Gryphon’s core philosophy that most value is added with active asset allocation rather than active stock selection. . The Portfolio Investment Strategy is to invest in a flexible combination of the Gryphon All Share Tracker Fund, the Gryphon Money Market Fund and XYZ Forex Funds. A quantitative model is used in the allocation process that is laser-focused on the long term rather than short term volatilities seen in equity markets and disregarding secondary market cycles. The Fund’s equity exposure is indexed and coupled with our cost sensitive approach to investing ensures investment returns remain superior. Obtaining equity exposure through this low cost building block, investors will indirectly receive all benefits associated with indexation while at the same time minimise capital gain taxes as the fund do not incur these charges when managing allocations through the cycle.

The Gryphon Prudential Fund of Funds is allowed to invest up to a 75% of the exposure in equities.
Maximum foreign exposure limits as permitted by prevailing legislation of 25% apply.

Fund Details:

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Portfolio Manager: Abri Du Plessis
Reuben Beelders
Benchmark: CPI + 5%
Charges (Incl. VAT): Initial 0%
Annual Management Fee 0.34%
Minimum lump sum:  R2000
Minimum debit order:  R200

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