Gryphon Financial Engineering offers bespoke financial structuring solutions. The business model is built around the provision of knowledge-based solutions, which are scalable. The client base ranges from medium-sized private companies to large listed corporates.

The business is driven by Pankie Kellerman, who has a unique combination of accounting, law (taxation and commercial), asset management and financial services skills. Within financial services, the regulatory environment as it pertains to life assurance, short term insurance, banking, asset management and collective investments schemes has provided opportunities for the development of unique structuring solutions.

Historic financial solutions include commercial property transactions, asset-backed lending and transactions associated with foreign exchange.

Financial Engineering was also responsible for the design of the Gryphon Dividend Income Fund, a collective scheme investment product, which provides the investor with income in the form of dividends. This product, which at one point was the fastest growing collective scheme product ever launched in South Africa, bears testimony to Gryphon´s “clear benefits” approach to investing and investment solutions. The continued evolution of products of this nature requires involvement from Financial Engineering as new instruments are sourced to accomodate fund inflows.

Financial Engineering has established itself as a unique solution provider in the market. While areas of specialisation exist at various financial institutions in South Africa, the breadth of knowledge and the associated collaboration and synergy between the various regulatory aspects has allowed for the development of unique client solutions at Gryphon Financial Engineering.