AIM FOR THE INDEX AND PREVENT A DISASTER This month we are going to bust a myth! Some argue that index based funds only outperform during certain periods. While it is impossible to know where our market is going to be one year from now, it is very possible to make sure that you do […]

Spending on asset managers

South African financial markets are way behind the curve when it gets to fees and how we pay investment professionals. In one subset of the industry we often believe fund managers when they proclaim that in order to produce outstanding long term performance it makes sense to pay a higher cost for research and investigation. […]

Divided Income Funds

It seems investors and advisers alike have forgotten the benefit of tax exempt returns on the lower side of the yield curve. Cash-type instruments are once again moving to the forefront and justifiably so, with market conditions that question the continual sustainability of weekly record highs within the All Share Index. Slow to almost recessionary […]

Market Matters

The world’s first stock market index was created in 1896, exactly 120 years ago. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was created to give the investing public some indication of what the US stock market returned over a specific time period. Today when you listen to the news in South Africa, you will notice that reporters […]