Quote: Mushroom Makers

There are just five registered trustees in SA, including local and foreign banks. The license requirements are onerous and include fidelity insurance and capital adequacy requirements, says Pankie Kellerman, CEO of Gryphon.The trustees safeguard the assets of the portfolio by holding them on behalf of the individual investors and making sure that the CIS manager […]

Exploring Gryphon’s Multi-Asset Funds

CNBC Africa’s Lindsay Williams speaks to Reuben Beelders, Portfolio Manager at Gryphon Asset Management about the Gryphon Multi-Asset Funds. They explore Gryphon’s Flexible Fund of Funds as well as Gryphon’s Prudential Fund of Funds, the primary objective of the funds is to generate real wealth for investors, at the lowest possible cost, with due cognisance […]

Why Invest in the Tracker Fund?

In our opinion any investor that pays more than 0.5% for exposure to the South African stock market is paying too much! Currently, the All Share Tracker fund have a total expense ratio of 0.32% and charges a management fee of only 0.2%. This compares to South African funds that have up to 3% in […]

ETF’s? Time to think unit trusts

The JSE all share index (Alsi) presents another tracking opportunity. Leading the field is the Gryphon All Share Tracker unit trust, which comes at a low 0.35% management fee. “We intend reducing the fee to 0.2%” says Gryphon Asset Management CEO Abri du Plessis. Thanks to its low fee and astute management, Gryphon’s fund has […]

The case for passive portfolios

Passive investments can be introduced to retirement funds’ investment strategies at a cost of around 0.4% of assets per year, enabling the cost of retirement funds to reduce to below 1% (from 1.6% previously). Measured over 30 years, this could improve retirement benefits by more than 20%. Click to open original article Money Marketing – […]

Passive investment a valid option

Passive investment is gaining momentum. Active investors are starting to realise that overpaying for actively manged funds can have disastrous performances as a result. The following was taken from an article that appeared in the Business Day on the 9th of September of 2013. “Dear Sir, It is clear the success of passive investors are frustrating […]