Who We Are

Investment Philiosophy

We believe that people invest with a primary requirement…to benefit.

At Gryphon Asset Management, we´ve built our business on the simple philosophy of making the benefits of investing with us, clear. And, much like the heroic creature after which we are named, we´re committed to protecting that wealth from modern-day predators like inflation, costs, market volatility and fluctuating currencies. With this driving philosophy, we´ve been adding value to the investments of our clients for years and, combined with our proven expertise, professionalism and integrity, this makes us the preferred partner in wealth creation and preservation.

Gryphon believes indexation should receive just as much attention as active fund management. Multiple studies and research papers have shown that the most effective approach to fund management is to make use of low cost indexation and only then add high conviction active components in order to generate outperformance. Our core-satellite approach sees the two as complementary. At Gryphon we believe investors should avoid overpaying for closet tracking funds where one pays active management fees for market related performance. In this instance, a true indexation solution combined with an active solution would be the preferred solution.

Gryphon offers building blocks that can be used to construct portfolios cost effectively.

1)    At the core of our solutions we offer no frills, low-cost index-tracking. Benefits to investors include concise and clear returns, lowest cost execution and no requirement to re-assess portfolios or asset managers. The significant market impact cost associated with changing managers is also avoided.

2)    The Money Market Fund is one of the best performing funds over a ten year period.

3)    The Dividend Income Fund is aimed at investors at the maximum marginal tax rate and who have cash in money market or bank accounts and can benefit from the tax exempt nature of its income stream.

The Team

The Gryphon team comprises highly skilled investment professionals with a wealth of experience in excess of 100 years in all aspects of fund management and financial engineering of products. We´re also a small, down to earth team and we like it that way. It allows us to work closely together and share expertise, knowledge and insights. We´re not worried about job descriptions and titles. Instead, we all like to get involved, in an orchestrated way, in product development, portfolio structuring ideas, research, business development and client service so that we all stay focused on the same business and investment objectives. All non-core competencies to fund management like administration, legal, IT and some other services are outsourced to reputable firms and expert service providers to ensure we remain focused on our investment propositions.